7 Steps to Champion the Abundance Dilemma

The movie “Searching for Bobby Fisher” is tale about how NOT to get crushed by a scarcity based environment and how to encourage abundance and excellence. Here are my 7 lessons to become a champion of abundance (…)


80/20 Rule and how to finish stuff successfully

What does the 80/20 rule mean? For example, if you squeeze an orange, it means that you get 80% of the juice with a 20% squeeze. In relation to income it means that 20% of all people earn 80% of all money.
To understand the beauty of this (…)


My History of Writing

I have been writing for many years. Well, to be completely honest, the first couple of years I just imagined how I could actually write one day. I did not really write anything. At least nothing anybody could understand. I could not understand the stuff I wrote either. But I tried hard to listen to […]


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