My History of Writing

I have been writing for many years.

Well, to be completely honest, the first couple of years I just imagined how I could actually write one day. I did not really write anything. At least nothing anybody could understand.

I could not understand the stuff I wrote either. But I tried hard to listen to myself, to decode my inner chaos and emptiness.


If you open an old water tap for the first time, dirty water will flow out.

When my emptiness turned into abundance and the words came, very slowly, twisted and abstract, I kept going.

I wrote every day, almost a million words since the beginning, and mostly shit. I never showed it to anybody.

Over time I realized that my thoughts were following a higher rhythm. They were strongly connected to the quality of each moment. And once in a while I found little gold nuggets in the dirt.

I did not know how to put them into a form that others would be able to follow.

But that seems to be shifting now. I seem to be getting ready to get it out, to find a form that is able to capture some of the things that keep me engaged.

I will use this blog to share some of the nuggets that I find with you.waterfall

Maybe you don’t get what this is all about. Maybe you find my posts useless or offensive. And that would be ok. Because my blog is not for everyone.

But if my posts strike a chord with you, you are more than welcome to stick around.

Use the posts, share them, react to them. And if they change your life or way of thinking l would love to hear from you.


Karlheinz loves you