Do You Believe That The End Is Near?



Are we going to rise like phoenix out of the ashes very soon – and are you prepared for it, or are you going to miss out?

Today I met a guy who believes in aliens and ascension.

He told me that he saw one himself (in Moscow) and that after studying this subject in depth for 20 years he has come to the conclusion that after 25’000 years, now, in the coming years, we are going to experience an ascension – a massive, very, very, very rare and exceptional shift for the earth, consciousness, hearts and souls and all people on the planet.

Something similar happened only 5 times during the last 25’000 years, but each time society blew the chance to come to a higher level, so this would be it, the next, and certainly only big chance in our life times.

I did the math, what he was talking about would only happen once in 5000 years. And it would come very soon.

This idea set off my bullshit meter and I am going to explain why.

Even if ascension exists – which may be true or not – I doubt that the timing is correct. I rather think that some people are desperate and want it to be coming very soon, and so they produce false reasons to support their emotional need. Thus, misleading others on the way.

What makes me think that way?

If you accept that everything could be significant, and if you accept fractal structures, then your ego does not need an event that only comes once in 5000 years.

It is not the first time that I encounter someone who is expecting such an extraordinarily rare event to happen shortly. It reminds me of people who expected the world to go under at the turn of the millenium, sects that expect to be elevated by aliens on a certain date very soon in their life to escape the destruction of the earth and other theories like the age of aquarius…

If you are an open minded and sensible person and wake up to a reality that is pretty out of whack (financial system, economic tensions, media propaganda, political insanity…) you can get desparate easily. When the big trend seems to go downwards and towards destruction and you feel helpless and isolated, then desire and despair will grow in direct proportion. And an isolated and helpless ego will want to compensate for the loss of control.

It is like a mosquito, that is not happy being just a mosquito in a small town. “Yes”, the mosquito might say, “I am just a mosquito, true, but you know what, once I sucked the blood of Queen Elizabeth. And the Pope. And Jack the Ripper. Which other mosquito can say that from himself?”

How come, that Buddha, Jesus and Maghellan did not have the luxury of experiencing such great times of conscious growth, but somehow, regular awakened people always seem to be just a short while away from the big BAM of time, the big BAM of energy, the big BAM of change that is so unique that it only happens once in a few thousand years?

It is a trap, and it is very unfortunate that so many great people fall into it. As with almost all traps, it is an ego trap. Let me explain.

In order to understand you need to understand two things: Fractal and Significance.


Everything in this world is fractal. The shape of mountains is similar to the shape of stones. Movements in the stockmarket that last hundred years are similar to yearly moves or intraday stockmarket moves. The way planets move around stars is similar to the way electrons move around protons. You get the picture.


Everything is significant.

A stranger that sends me an unexpected smile. A remark of somebody in a discussion. The silence in between words, that only lasts a few seconds. The shape of a stone in the street. The way somebody walks. The smile of the stranger may remind me of the smile of a relative that smiled exactly like that, just seconds before he was hit by a car that changed the destiny of many families. A remark in a discussion, overheard by everybody else, may spark an idea that grows into a project that grows into a business that changes the lives of thousands of people. The silence between words, so seemingly insignificant, may seem like an eternity and who knows, it may mark the end of a relationship, or the beginning of a new one. The shape of a stone in the street may invite me to take it up and into my pocket, just to be placed onto my desk a few days later, where I keep looking at it for the following five years, during which I write a novel that will make people cry. The way a stranger walks … well … you can find your own significance, because it is your significance that counts for you, not mine.

The guy earlier tonight gave an example of what he felt was an indication that Aliens exist and that Aliens are seen by children.

He asked, have you ever seen a child that suddenly looks up to the empty ceiling and smiles, happily? Why does it smile if there is nothing up there? Well, it smiles, because there is something up there. The child can see the extraterrestrial!

And I was thinking to myself, maybe it smiles because it realizes the purity of the color white? Maybe it is the realization of height that makes the child smile? How knows what it is, it could be anything, because everything is potentially significant. And a child certainly does not need an Alien from another world to experience significance in the now. But maybe, if an Alien is just some other form of energy, and considering that a thought is pretty much just another form of energy, every thought that comes through our minds may be nothing else but some kind of alien entity of energy?

If you accept that everything is significant, and if you accept fractal structures, then your ego does not need to be part of an event that only comes once in 5000 years.

Any moment in time, no matter how huge or small it is in the eyes of the world (or in the eyes of historians or in the eyes of your peers), could be it, in its own way, the most significant, mind-blowing, transforming and f*** amazing moment.

And not matter how small or big this moment is, no matter how rare or often it happens, no matter how public or private it is, it can be the most significant and amazing experience.

In other words, whenever people tell me about such end time scenarios, I hear their egos talking. Yes, they may believe themselves that they do not have a big ego any more (having gone very deep in the teachings of oneness, abundance, spirituality and world peace), but there it comes again, hidden behind the finely woven curtains of spirituality, the smoothly disguised face of the ego, that just cannot live with being insignificant itself.

And so it goes. No, it is not enough for the ego to experience a significant moment and being completely unnoticed by others. No, no. This great moment, this unique chance, it has to be the one that THE WHOLE WORLD was waiting for. For at least 5000 years. Because then, and only then, is the ego really happy.

If someone has no proof, social proof has to fill in the gap.

The best way to destroy truth is to exaggerate truth with an exaggerated ego.

To sum it up, the most boring, uneventful and overlooked time in history might just have more than enough significance for anybody that is truly open-hearted, open spirited and humble.

Karlheinz loves you